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Meet Senator Thompson

Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Republican Dilemma

Chris Adamo wrote an interesting article that describes the current Republican dilemma, and what a Thompson candidacy means:

With the 2008 Presidential campaign season looming, Republicans stand to make
great gains as a result of this pattern of abominable liberal behavior.
it is critical to this effort that they remain loyal to those things that
bolstered the conservative wing of the party. Only by so doing can they
unmistakably define themselves as a clear alternative to the increasing liberal
tilt of the Democrats.
Among the chief contenders for the White House, this
contrast would be best borne, by far, by former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson.
Of those with a large current showing in the polls, only Thompson can highlight
his own past conservatism with no excuses or back peddling. Thompson merely
needs to loudly proclaim the things for which he has stood and allow the
opposition, in all of its hysteria, to make his case for him.
Rudy Guiliani,
on the other hand, finds himself on the wrong side of two of the three currently
dominating controversies, having staunchly supported both partial-birth abortion
and gun control throughout his political life.
Being far too entrenched as a
liberal, Guiliani amazingly seeks to appeal to conservative America on the basis
that, unlike those who shift to the right for electability purposes, he remains
committed to his liberal mindset. In essence, conservative America is asked to
accept the absurd notion that Rudy ’s unwavering devotion to such defining
principles of liberalism somehow make him less of a liberal than those who
waffle and pander.Ultimately, this strategy promises to be no more convincing to
the voting public than Hillary and her latest bumbling foray into "Ebonics."

He describes Thompson as the only candidate who has consistently been a champion of the conservative ideals. Senator Thompson is alone when it comes to qualifications and a record to back up his claim as the true conservative. All he needs to do is talk the talk like he walks the walk.

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Fred Thompson

Fred Thompson
Former U.S. Senator (R-TN)